Health, Safety & Environment

Minimising incidents, injuries and mitigating hazards for an injury-free workplace.

Health & Safety

Enviro Plant Hire is commited to the health and safety of our employees. We strive to eliminate incidents and injuries in the workplace and invest heavily in triaining so that our employees have the necessary skills to identify and control hazards in the workplace.

Our health and safety policies and procedures reflect our commitment to achieving an injury-free workplace.

health and safety officer with 35 tonne excavator


Enviro Plant Hire is commited to sustainability and minimising our environmental impact. We ensure our business operations are compliant with all relevant environmental legislation and regulations.

Carbon Neutral

We are in the process of becoming a carbon neutral orgamisation by reducing and offsetting emissions, currently achieving Climate Active certification.

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We are currently working towards gaining Climate Active certification, a trusted status providing community confidence in our organisation’s carbon neutral operations.

By becoming a carbon neutral business, we’re playing our part in climate action and protecting the communities in which we operate.

We are proud to support local Indigenous communities by investing in Aboriginal lead and managed carbon farming projects. By purchasing community credits from these projects and initiatives, we not only offset our greenhouse gas emissions, but also generate cultural, social and environmental benefits.
We understand the potential environmental impacts of heavy industry projects and the sustainability protocols required to offset them. By becoming a carbon neutral business, we will not only minimise our environmental impact, but help you meet the sustainability requirements to deliver your projects.

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