Aboriginal Carbon Foundation

Community Carbon Credit Certificate

Enviro Plant Hire is a certified Climate Active Carbon Neutral organisation and this month to remain certified we have offset our carbon emissions through investing 100% Australian Carbon Credits to the Aboriginal Carbon Foundation Karlantijpa North Savanna Burning project.

We are proud to support the Indigenous communities by investing in Aboriginal lead and managed carbon farming projects. By purchasing our credits through these projects, we not only offset our greenhouse gas emissions, but also generate cultural, social and environmental benefits. We are proud to be taking the lead against climate change and strengthening the Australian economy.

100% Australian Carbon Offsets

We are passionate towards and understand the potential environmental impacts of our clients’ projects and the sustainability protocols required to offset them.

climate active 100% offsetsBy ensuring we continue to remain certified as a carbon neutral business we not only minimise our environmental impact, but we also help you meet your sustainability requirements to deliver your projects.

We are proud to be part of the Climate Active Network as we continue to take the lead against climate change and protect the communities in which we operate.

When you support Climate Active certified organisations, you support climate action.

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